7/12/20 – Footprints in the Sand

Hi and welcome to my blog. In the past few weeks, I have felt inspired and convicted to start a blog so that I may share, with you, my wonderful journey with Jesus and how I believe it has positively impacted my life in today’s current climate. 

But for my first blog, I would like to start with my testimony.  Since I was a little girl, I have known of God and believed Him to be our Creator (Genesis 14:19) and Savior (2 Timothy 1:9).  I understood that the Bible was His message to us, yet had little personal interaction with it. My sister and I walked a mile each week to attend church because we enjoyed the activities.  We especially enjoyed outings, singing, and going to church camp each summer. 

In my teens, I took Bible studies and as I look back, I believe this is where my true commitment began.  I began attending Christian schools and raised my children to know God and His truth (John 4:24).  I have always considered myself a person of faith and trust in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  But as I look back again, I see that I didn’t faithfully walk In that Truth.  I have memories of spending disportionate amounts of time in the world.  My life was not as Christ centered as I believed it to be at the time I was living it.

In recent months, my walk with Jesus has been revived, revitalized, renewed – having a profound impact on my thinking, emotions, and purpose in life. It has renewed my energy and my goals in life. My relationships have changed to becoming more loving and nurturing. In short, Jesus in me, has made me a much better person.  I have a truer understanding of what it means to walk and abide in Jesus (John 15:4).  I now understand that I am on a journey with our Savior, that it is a process, an action verb. To abide in Jesus means more than believing or having a knowledge of Him. It requires action on my part – surrendering to what the Holy Spirit asks of me.  And of course, I want to follow His lead because of the great joy and love He has brought into my heart through our fellowship.

I hope you found comfort in my testimony.  Feel free to subscribe, comment, ask questions, leave prayer requests, and share my blog with others. Please come back and visit again soon.

Bye for now and may God richly bless you (Romans 10:12)!


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