7/21/20 – Hope For a World Gone Wrong

Welcome back!  Those of you here for the first time, I urge you to read my earlier blogs so that you get the flow of my thought processes.  

In this blog, I want to spend more time explaining my motivation for sharing.   First, I want to ask God to open our eyes that we may see the blessed plans He has for us and that we will be led by the Holy Spirit as we seek to see and hear His message relevant to the times in which we live. (Psalms 119:18)

Recently, I listened to a message given by Pastor John Bradshaw. He told a story, told to him, that I believe will illustrate another reason I am compelled to continue blogging. Let me paraphrase Pastor Bradshaw’s story. “A lady purchased a life insurance policy and when the document came in the mail, she sat down to read it.  She read every word, even the small print.  What she found in the small print was amazing.  It stated that, if she was reading the small print, she could call the number listed and possibly win $10,000.  Well, she called the number immediately and she did win $10,000.  You see the insurance company was so sure no one took the time to read their policy, especially the small print, that they feared little chance of losing their money.” However, the company did lose their money because they placed their trust in a false presumption.

God is not presumptuous and has purposely placed countless nuggets of truth and treasures in His policy – the Holy Bible.  He desires each of us to seek out, find, and claim these precious gems. (Matthew 7:7)  God has these precious gifts for us and loves all of us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus,  to die the 2nd eternal death (John 3:16) in recompense for our sin; for the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)  This is God’s greatest gift of all, because our debt has been paid in full so that we can receive eternal life. Because of His sacrifice we can choose to accept His gifts and have access to all God has to offer.  Nothing gets better than that.

So, I blog because I want to share the gems of peace and security, the Holy Spirit reveals to me, with as many as I can. I desire that each of you will have the same opportunity I have been given to claim all good things God has to offer.  Through prayer, study, and more prayers, I have found a safe harbor in Jesus. I know I would be scared and stressed without Him with all that is happening these days.

Most often, when applied to worldly matters, I believe the saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” (Melody Carlson)  too good to be true.  When it comes to God and His treasures in Heaven it needs to be worded as such: “If it seems too good to be true, then it is too good to ignore.”  So, I happily blog away!

I often say, bank with Jesus, His interest rates are phenomenal and His reward system is out of this world.  Thanks for joining in my adventure with Jesus. I pray you have been blessed,

May the Lord our God make you prosper and give you hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)

2 thoughts on “7/21/20 – Hope For a World Gone Wrong

  1. Can you explain the ‘2nd eternal death’? I understand there are 2 deaths- first, our mortal bodies here on earth & 2nd the eternal death of the unsaved…. you said Jesus died the 2nd eternal death, which confuses me a little. Thank you


    1. Hi Beth,
      The wages of sin is death to everyone that has been born on this earth because Eve first sinned and Adam fell with her. (Romans 6:23) Jesus refers to the first death as a sleep. (John 11:11) The people that have and will die before Jesus’ 2nd Coming will wait in the grave for Jesus – just the saved and the ones who crucified Jesus will rise at His 2nd Coming. The saved will go to Heaven with Jesus for the 1000 year reign. (John 5:25)

      The living lost will die the first death and wait, with the unsaved dead, in the grave until the 1000 years in Heaven is over and the records have been reviewed. (Revelation 20:4-5) Then the lost souls will be risen, Satan and his angels will be loosed, to see New Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:1-27) At first, the book of life will be opened and every lost soul will acknowledge their wickedness and bow down to worship God, but Satan will rile up all the lost and try to make war with God and his people. They will be thrown into the lake of fire, which is the 2nd eternal death. (Revelation 21:8) They will be gone forever – consumed.

      To sum it up, the second eternal death is what pays the debt for unrepentant sin – not the first sleep death. The second death is the death that Jesus had to die in order to clear our sin debt – to keep His children from having to fill that requirement. That is what makes His gift of salvation to precious and amazing. He risked His eternal soul to save us, but, because of His sinless life walking will God at all times, He was resurrected from the second eternal death that He had to die. A true sacrifice, a true heroic Savior, the ultimate gift!
      I hope this explains and answers your question. Let me know if you need more detail…


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