7/24/20 – How We Know What We Don’t Know

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Now that I have shared my testimony, my love for Jesus, and the compelling purpose behind my desire to create my blogs, I want to jump right in and take a serious look at what God’s Word has to say about end day events and the return of Jesus.  The greatest concentration of prophecy, concerning end day events and the return of Jesus, can be found in the Books of Daniel in the Old Testament, Revelation in the New Testament, and Matthew 24, also in the New Testament.  Even though there are more end day prophecies scattered throughout  the Bible, I will spend most of my time in these three areas of concentration.

We all know that our world is being bombarded with one crisis after another, but we aren’t quite sure we know what is the cause or what is going to happen – we are unsettled about our future.  Our intuition tells us we want answers and we want security.  And God has just what we are looking for, He is our port in the storm raging around us.  

But Before we get started, please be comforted by God’s promise in Psalms 46:1-3.  “He is our refuge in times of trouble, we are not to fear when waters roar and mountains quake, for He is our ever present help.” (paraphrased)  I pray that we can keep this promise foremost in our thoughts as we compare scripture to all the craziness going on around the world.  The events are much too close to home, even in our back yard so to speak, and it’s a new experience for most Americans.  I have thought many times in the past, “Oh, that will never happen in America.”  Hmmm, I have had to rethink that one.  

There are many signs and many events that must take place before Jesus returns.  He counsels us to watch for these signs so we are not caught unaware. He wants us to be informed so that we are ready for Him and so that we can’t be so easily fooled by lies and deceit.  In Matthew 24:24, Jesus tells the Disciples that the signs and wonders will be so great they could, if possible, deceive even the elect. (Jesus’ people)  It’s the disasters that scare us now, but there is a much greater danger in not knowing the signs so that we are not deceived into believing the worldly solutions when they oppose God’s Word.  

Turning to God and His Word has been my saving grace.  These days, while the world is full of doom and gloom, the Bible is full of hope and promise.  We are not alone, God is still in control, and Jesus is coming to take his people home. Hallelujah!

One last thought I need to make very clear.  I am not making any predictions or setting a date for Jesus’ return.  That would be a fruitless endeavor because no one knows, not even Jesus or the Angels. (Matthew 24:6) I just want to share the signs, given to us by Jesus, that signify His soon coming.

Glad you could join me today. Please come back soon for my next blog. I will be blogging about the questions the Disciples ask Jesus, in Matthew 24, and Jesus’ reply.  

Until then, may the Lord our Jesus save you in the end. (Matthew 24:13)


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