7/27/20 – Breaking News! Jesus was Right

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Please remember the comforting reassurance of Bible promises such as Hebrews 13:5 where God tells us He will never leave us or forsake us.  So, we can rest in Jesus as we move forward with our exploration.

Let’s take a serious look at Matthew 24:6-8.  Jesus tells his Disciples to watch for three things, wars and rumors of wars, famine, and earthquakes. Like myself, you are probably thinking, “that’s nothing new, they have been happening since history began.” True, but then we read in verse 8 that Jesus compares these three types of events to a woman giving birth. Why?  He was telling His Disciples the difference between the past and the last century – the events would become more intense and increase in frequency.  Sounds very similar to the birthing pains to me.

 Ok, now this provokes several questions: 

  • Does Matthew 24:6-8 correlate with the past 100 or so years of Earth’s history?  
  • Is it relevant to the times in which we live as opposed to prior history?  
  • Can the last 100 or so years be worse than all past history combined?  
  • Is Matthew 24:8, birthing process, a legitimate metaphor for the last century?
  • Are the signs, in Matthew 24, becoming more intense and happening more often?

I honestly believe, by researching documented history of events happening from the early 1900s up through today and comparing the findings to the scriptures, we will discover a strong comparison between the two. It is my heartfelt opinion that we can answer yes to each of our questions. But let’s let history speak for itself.

I would like to take each sign and share my research and I invite you to do research on your own.  This, I am convinced, is a very important step in any process so that you can make an informed decision to agree or disagree.  I believe it is extremely important that we don’t accept another’s word at face value, but should always research and draw our own conclusions.

When Jesus’ disciples ask Him how they would know when Jesus would return and what signs they should look for (Matthew 24:3), what He shared with them has been devastating and destructive – enough to put fear in anyone’s heart.  What we are seeing today does put fear in the hearts of humankind and generates more questions:

  • Are we losing sight of the principles upon which our country (USA) was founded? 
  • If so, what is going on? 
  • What sinister plans/plots are at play, if any?  
  • Are we safe, will we be protected? 
  • How will we take care and provide for our family?

Let’s take a moment to assure ourselves with Jesus’ words of comfort In Matthew 24:6, Jesus states “You will hear of… but see to it you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” NIV  I love the fact that Jesus tells us not to be alarmed, because He abides in us and we abide in Him. And because of that He will be our refuge.  He will live out His saving power within us.

It was nice you could join me today. Hope you come back soon for my next blog. I will be blogging about Jesus’ claim in Matthew 24:7, concerning wars and conflicts in the last 100 years compared to history before that time.

Until then, may our God cloth you with His full set of armor. (Ephesians 6)

NOTE – I get my photos from Bing and Google images.com. I try my best to site the original owners but sometimes I can’t find the info.

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