8/3/20 – Hunger Hunger Everywhere, Plenty of Food to Spare

Greetings!  If you have been keeping up with my blogs, feel free to send me comments, questions, and prayer requests.  If you are new to my site, glad you could join us and please subscribe and share if you like what you read.  Be sure to ask me questions if my information is not clear.  I am covering a lot of information with each blog, while keeping my words at a minimum.  I will be happy to clarify, thanks!

I pray with all sincerity that you are taking the shared promises to heart, concerning the loving protection God can provide, no matter the events here on Earth.  Ephesians 5:11-12,15 counsels us to be wise how we live, to know our enemy of darkness, but not to dwell on its disobedience.  Rather, we are counseled to dwell on the light of Jesus as His countenance exposes the darkness.  So our work is to surrender to Jesus, and He will show us the truth as He exposes, judges, and sentences those choosing to remain disobedient. It is through his power that we are able to see and understand the signs of His soon return.  While persistently praying for the influence of the Holy Spirit, this is my intent.

With that said, let’s take a look at Matthew 24:7 concerning famines and how it relates to our time in history.  Most of us probably know the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Way, way back when Egypt ruled the known world, God used his servant Joseph to save humankind from a 7 year famine.  (Genesis 41) so we have documentation that this crisis has been reoccurring for a very long time.  But, is it more prevalent and frequent today (remember- like birthing pains) than in previous history?  The Bible says it will in the last days, so let’s look at secular history.

Here are some historical facts that I found:

  • socialscienceinaction.org state that “more than 70 million people died in famines in the 20th Century.”
  • socialscienceinaction.org states “over 30 major famines” worldwide.
  • theconversation.com Daniel Maxwell states “Famine killed nearly 75 million people in the 20th Century.” Also, he states, “Famines in the 21st Century? It’s not for lack of food.”
  • theconversation.com See 1st chart inserted below. The site stated that famines dropped off from around 1980s to around 2017, but are making a resurgence, with 20 million at risk.
  • ourworldindata.org See 2nd chart inserted below. This organizations states “famine in China from 1956-61 was the single largest famine in history.” Up to 30 million died.
  • globalcitizen.org an article “How 6 Major Famines Changed the Past 100 years,” states that about 58 million people died during these 6 famines.

I must say, it was hard for me to read that many famines in the past 100 years were not due to a lack of food, but were the result of war, political agendas, and greed – to name a few causes. Again, there seems to be an unending amount of information on the web. But the few sources that I did state give strong evidence to the correlation between Matthew 24 prophesy and what we have witnessed in the past 100 years.

So far, I believe I have found convincing evidence, between wars and famine, to persuade me that the prophesy in Matthew 24 is relevant to our current time in history. In my next blog, I will look at earthquakes to see if there is evidence to add more threads to the correlation between the two.

Thanks for joining me! Until next time, may Almighty God preserve you until His great deliverance! (Genesis 45:7)

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