8/9/20 -Lawlessness -No Longer a Crime?

Hi and welcome back. I have a few more glitches to work out but I think I now have a pretty good understanding of how to run a website and blog. The learning curve is much more manageable. I am taking the “like” option off my site because WordPress does not have the option to like without giving an email address and I’m not comfortable with making email a requirement. So, while I continue to learn the ropes, feel free to subscribe, share, leave comments, questions, prayer requests, and answered prayer stories. I would love to hear from you even if you choose not to subscribe.

I invite all of you to join me in continual prayer – giving God praise, for our personal walk with Christ, the pandemic, the violent uprising in the USA/world, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is coming soon and God is still in control, Amen!

Through continual fervent prayer, I believe we are able to keep our focus on what really counts – sharing the gospel and being ready for Jesus when He does come in the clouds of glory. (Luke 21:27) In Matthew 24:14, we are told “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. You see, amidst all this confusion, crime and corruption, we have a higher calling to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ with the many lost sheep of which Jesus puts in our path. There are many in the world looking for something better, for hope, and peace. Jesus is all these things in our life and so much more.

Which leads me into my topic for today’s blog – rampant lawlessness. I love the Lord and my greatest joy is in Him and because of Him, but it is very hard to not be drawn into current events and their impact on my own life, freedom, and Christian pursuits. It take considerable prayer and Bible study to trust in God and not give into fear or anger – not to lash out at other. But that is not God’s way. In Matthew 24:10, Jesus tells His disciples that “many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other.” He goes on to describe, in verse 12, “Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” I would say this pretty much describes our current condition.

God’s word tells us that all have sinned (Romans 3:23) and that sin is the transgression of the Law – God’s 10 Commandments. (1 John 3:4) Each and everyone of us are sinners, so how is today’s lawlessness different from what usually goes on. Let’s see what the current historical records show us:

  • Pastor Bradshaw, It is Written shares the following USA statistics:
  • NOTE: prior to current rioting.
    • 2.3 million in jail
    • 1 in every 100 adults is in jail
    • 25% of the jailed Americans are women
    • 1 in every 31 adults, are in jail or on probation
    • average of 17,000 murders per year
  • Bradshaw goes on to say:
    • 87 countries in the world have a higher murder rate than the USA
    • Ecuador is 12 times higher than the USA
  • scholarlycommons.law.northwestern.edu: NOTE: per million
    • 1880 prison population/1 million was 30,659
    • 1890 prison population/1 million was 45,233
    • 1904 prision population/1 million was 59,306
  • brennancenter.org:
    • violent crime increase of 126% between 1960-1970
    • violent crime increase of 64% between 1970-1980
    • murder and homicide decreased from 232/100,000 in 1990 to 67/100,000 in 2013 but began rising again since 2014 NOTE: per 100,000
  • nytimes.com: Mid 2019 pre-COVID compared to post-COVID to date
  • First % is mid 2019 to pre-COVID Second % is Mid January 2020 to 7/28/20
  • The second % is an increase/decrease of the first %.
    • Chicago – up 16% to up 34%
    • Philadelphia – up 11% to up 23%
    • Oakland, CA – down 41% to down 8%
    • Los Angeles – down 3% to up 5%
    • Atlanta – down 17% to up 4%
    • Nashville – up 92% to up 43%
    • New York – down 13% to up 23%
    • New Orleans – up 14% to up 36%
    • Indianapolis – up 75% to up 38%
    • Jacksonville, FL – down 3% to up 13%
  • foxnews.com shares different local police station statistics: (Stats taken 7/28/20)
  • Stats are for the first 28 days of July 2020.
    • Chicago – 116 homicides 28 days of July 2020, 41 same time 2019; 1/2 way through 2020 show 48% increase over 2019
    • Philadelphia – 55% increase in shooting incidents 1/2 way through this year compared to 2019; 31% increase in homicides compared to 2019
    • Los Angeles – 19 homicides June 21-July 5, 9 same time 2019; 1/2 way through 2020 524 homicides compared to 549 of 2019
    • New York City – 318 homicides 28 days of July 2020, 77 same time 2019; 38 more homicides 1/2 through this year than 1/2 through 2019
    • Portland, OR – an average of 32-42 shooting incidents per month 2020; 1 less homicide this year compared 17 for all of 2019
    • Seattle – 358 violent crimes in 2020 compared to first half of 2019 with 371; 17 homicides in first half of 2020 compared to 28 in 2019
    • Houston – 37% increase from 140 in 2019 to 178 so far this year;

Our historical records go from counting prison population out of 1 million in 1880 to counting out of 100,000 by mid 1900s. History indicates a decline in violent crimes from 1990 to 2013 but has been increasing since then. So far, 2020 is proving to be a very violent year. Also, our historical records show that this is a world wide crisis with significantly higher rates in many other countries. I want to note that the statistics I have shared do not include property related crimes. The percentages of property damage and theft have significantly increased as well.

I have barely touched on the copious amounts of data available, but I think I have given you enough to think about. I believe we are witnessing lawlessness at an all time high as spoken of in Matthew 23:10-12. Is our world heading toward something big? I think it is. Jesus wants us to thoroughly understand that His gift of eternal life is obviously the better choice. All we have to do is surrender to His will and His work in us. Being an adult can be a very heavy burden – especially today with so much uncertainty. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax in Him and let Jesus take the wheel?

Until next time, may the Lord our God guide you along the right paths. Psalms 23:3

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