8/24/20 – No One Knows But God review & update

Welcome back! We are just about done with blogs concerning Jesus’ words in the book of Matthew. Today, we will review and wrap it up. There are several updates to report concerning the topics we have already covered. I haven’t quite decided where we will go next, but if you have a specific topic you would like to cover please put your suggestions in the comment box below. I love research so I would be glad to help you search the Bible for God’s answers to your topic.

As before, I would like to pray together and ask God to bless our discussion, the Holy Spirit to direct our understanding, and that our discussion will bring us closer to Jesus. Let’s pray, Father in Heaven we praise Your perfect, forever presence in our lives and Your saving grace. Thank You for leading us in the past, the gift of Jesus to save us from our sins and accept our sincere repentance of wrong doing. We come to You, asking that You bless this discussion today and complete our understanding through the influence of Your Holy Spirit. We ask that the interpretation of the Holy Spirit will bring us into a deeper relationship with You. Bless us with Your care and keeping and we thank You for hearing and answering this prayer, in Jesus holy name we pray, Amen.

At the time of researching and writing this blog, a significant number of world events have taken place, in the areas of explosions, fires, and natural disasters. The events were major enough to make world news. Below, I will list many events that have happened between the end of June, 2020 and August 10, 2020.

  1. 6/25 Three Gorges Dam, China – with record breaking rains in almost 70 years. the dam is showing stress due to the rain. Flooding has already taken many lives and homes. There is great concern that the dam will break. Pray for the hundreds in danger of this happening.
  2. 7/8 Iran, near the capital building – Explosion
  3. 7/12 USA – Naval ship fire
  4. 7/15 Iran – ship fire
  5. 7/27 Melbourne, Aus. – car wreckage factory fire
  6. 7/28 San Francisco, USA – 6 building fire
  7. 8/3 Hyesan, N Korea – gas company explosion
  8. 8/3 Schenectady, NY, USA – test lab explosion
  9. 8/4 Tehran, Iran – warehouse fire
  10. 8/4 St Paul, MN, USA – Mariot (new construction) fire
  11. 8/4 Beruit – port explosion
  12. 8/4 China – lightening storm causing 2 fires, 2 typhoons
  13. 8/6 Brussels – World Trade Center fire
  14. 8/6 UAE – Amjan Market fire
  15. 8/7 Saudi Arabia – train station fire
  16. 8/7 Congo – UNICEF warehouse fire
  17. 8/8 Indonesia – volcanic eruption
  18. 8/8 New Haven, Eng. – industrial building fire
  19. 8/9 India – temporary COVID hospital fire
  20. 8/9 North Carolina, USA – earthquake 5.1
  21. 8/10 California, USA – earthquake 4.6
  22. 8/10 Birmingham, UK – plastics factory fire
  23. 8/10 England – row of shops on fire
  24. 8/10 Russia – petroleum station explosion
  25. 8/10 Melbourne, Aus, – lockdown, curfew, after curfew fire and explosions
  26. 8/10 New York, NY, USA – JFK airport fire
  27. Seasonal Atlantic Ocean – above normal hurricane season for 2020
  28. Earthquakes world wide – holding to the average 20,000 per year, 55 per day.

Other major events in the last several months:

  1. Australia – bush fire of 2019-2020 – one of its biggest natural disasters
  2. Jakarta, India – natural disaster of 2020, massive 5 ft flood waters, damaging rains
  3. Wuhan to whole world – 2020 COVID 19 pandemic
  4. Luzon, Philippines – Taal Volcano eruption beginning on January 12, 2020
  5. 45 earthquakes with magnitude of 6 or higher in 2020- Turkey, Caribbean, China, Iran, Russia, Philippines, India were the hardest hit
  6. So Africa, India, Asia – record numbers of desert locust, swarms are migratory and expected to cause extensive damage to crops, voracious eaters, worst pest attack in 26 years, 2020
  7. India, Bangladesh – cyclone amphon, extremely severe cyclonic storms. May, 2020
  8. Uttarakhand, India – 46 wildfire incidents calling 2020 a cruel year
  9. Assam, India – massive flooding affecting 5 or the 33 districts, July 2020
  10. Antarctica – snow turns green, microscopic algae due to global warming, May 2020
  11. Michigan, USA –  failure of the Edenville Dam and the Sanford Dam has brought record-setting flooding, May 2020
  12. A quote from weforum.org – “More than 160 million people a year are threatened by floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters. And the situation will likely get worse. Already, natural disasters occur four times as often as they did in 1970. According to estimates, such events could grow in frequency and ferocity with the effects of climate change.”

None of these events and the events spoken of in Matthew 24 are remarkable in and of themselves. They have been happening since early world history. What Jesus was telling us, in Matthew 24, was that they would happen more often and in many places around the world. So, after comparing Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24, to our current history, what we want to focus on is the number of events during a given amount of time. “All these are the beginning of birth pains.” Matthew 24:8 Just as with the birthing process, the events Jesus speaks of will come randomly and occasionally. But, as time goes on the events will happen more regularly , more often and become more intense.

Another increase I have notice, since publishing the former blogs, is that rioting and peaceful demonstrations have increased around the world. Another significant sign is the increased violence and deaths in major cities around the world. Matthew 24:12 The rioting has gone on much longer than most of us would have expected. At this point, it looks as though it may continue up to and past the elections in November.

Two of the major areas of contention and division in America, – besides racism and bigotry – are the breakdown of the family unit and the freedom of worship. Both of these are institutions created by God and are gradually becoming part of the past, along with many of our country’s founding values. In Matthew and the other Gospels, (Mark, Luke, and John) Jesus prophesied about the cultural climate of our day. He did this so that we would not be caught unaware and unprepared. As I have endeavored to share, Jesus gave many characteristics of the last days just prior to His 2nd Coming.

However, Jesus did not give us an exact time He would return. In Matthew 24:36, Jesus told us: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” As we watch Jesus’ last day events unfold, we will know that the 2nd Coming is soon – even at the door.

God bless you and yours as you prepare to meet your Lord and Savior.


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