9/29/2020 – Jesus Taught Using Parables, Should We?

Hi blog family and friends! I pray that all is going well for you and yours. We have had a little drama this past week. My sister had to be admitted to the hospital with complications associated with her lupus. She is doing great now and home recovering nicely. God is good! Today, I wantContinue reading “9/29/2020 – Jesus Taught Using Parables, Should We?”

9/24/2020 – Will We Be Persecuted?

Hi everyone, it’s good to be blogging again. Today is a tough subject, but I hope to dispel any fear you might have concerning this topic. If you have Christian friends or family members that are afraid, please share this blog with them. Especially the Bible texts. I once read “all press (media) whether goodContinue reading “9/24/2020 – Will We Be Persecuted?”

9/20/2020 – The Great Controversy! Quotes From a Great Book

Welcome back family in Christ Jesus. I know I am glad and feel blessed to share another blog with you. If you enjoy what I have to say and see truth in my blogs, please share my link with others. Unity-4-God.com Thanks! Today’s blog will be a little different. I would like to give youContinue reading “9/20/2020 – The Great Controversy! Quotes From a Great Book”

9/16/20 – Elijah Message, Latter Rain- What Will Life Look Like?

We are back again and I am blessed to share another message with you. I will be combining two messages I have presented before – Elijah Message and the Latter Rain. These two prophetic messages go hand in hand. Our life changing response to the end time Elijah Message will prepare us to receive theContinue reading “9/16/20 – Elijah Message, Latter Rain- What Will Life Look Like?”

9/12/2020 – What’s Up Elijah?

Hello again! I pray you are all well and I hope you enjoy today’s blog. I decided to talk about Elijah because of a twitter comment I recently read. The person talked about the great event about to happen – the coming of Elijah. My mind started whirling and communing with the Holy Spirit aboutContinue reading “9/12/2020 – What’s Up Elijah?”

9/09/2020 – Laodiceans, A Self-satisfied, Indecisive People! Who Us?

Welcome back for another conversation. Having a saving relationship, an everlasting relationship with Jesus is crucial at this point in earth’s history. In previous blogs, I have shared with you my conviction that we are witnessing Biblical prophecy being fulfilled before us as we live in the last days. It is my belief that Jesus’Continue reading “9/09/2020 – Laodiceans, A Self-satisfied, Indecisive People! Who Us?”

9/6/20 – Follow Me! But How Jesus?

Hi everyone! I pray you are all well and loving your walk with Jesus. I am overjoyed with the hope and promises I find through pray and study. I am especially blessed to read your comments. In our current environment, it is becoming more and more difficult to find others that share our passion forContinue reading “9/6/20 – Follow Me! But How Jesus?”