9/2/20 – The King of Salvation

Welcome back. I am so glad to be able to share what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me through the study of God’s Word, the Bible. My blog topic for today has brought me to tears many times and I am not one to cry easily. But the message is profoundly overwhelming in its scope and perfection. I want to share just what Jesus’ sacrifice upon the Cross of Calvary means to me and what it cost Him. Please share this blog with others if it impacts you in the same way.

Let us come together in prayer before we begin. Heavenly Father, we praise You for Your perfect plan to set us free from the wages of sin, for Your Son’s sacrifice, and Your saving grace. We come before You, seeking forgiveness for our sins and asking for the guidance of Your Spirit as we ponder just what salvation cost You and what it brings to our lives. We claim Your promise in John 3:16-17. Thank you for Your life giving gift and hearing our prayer today, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

The plan of salvation came before creation ( 2 Timothy 1:9) – it was not a last minute fix or an after thought. When the plan of salvation was set forth before creation week, Jesus accepted the call to die in our stead even knowing that He could possible fail and He could be gone forever. But He is a perfect being so He was willing to take the risk in order to save us. Being sinners, there is no way we could save ourselves from the penalty of sin – “for the wages of sin is death.” (Romans 6:23) Praise God, Jesus did not fail, but He suffered greatly. Scripture tells us the just how Jesus suffered and why it was necessary. Scripture tells us the purpose of His sacrifice, the significance of His resurrection, and His victory over Satan and sin. The scripture is where we find our truth, our salvation, and eternal life.

In the last paragraph, I made the statement that Jesus agreed to be the Sacrificial Lamb in order to save us from sin, even though He could have failed. You might be thinking, as I once did, how could this happen? Jesus is a perfect Being – sinless. How could he possibly fail? I turned to the scripture because I began to comprehend that His sacrifice was not a walk in the park – but rather a journey fraught with danger and unbearable pain. As I delved into the Gospel scriptures, I figured out how He could possibly fail. Let’s take a look at what Jesus said about His time on Earth.

Jesus said, “I have not come here on My own; God sent Me.” (John 8:42) In John 13:3 scriptures said, “God put all things under His (Jesus) power and that He (Jesus) had come from God.” Many scripture in the Gospels testify that Jesus spent much time in prayer, at times praying through the night, for the will of His Father to be manifested in Him. The greatest testimony I found is in John 8:28. Jesus said. ” When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He and that I do nothing on My own but speak just what the Father has taught Me.” You see, in order for the salvation plan to work, Jesus had to come to earth and live as a human. He had to rely on God our Father for everything – every victory over sin, every calm reaction to mean/hateful word or deed, every humble acceptance of pain and heartache. He had to live this way as an example of what is possible for each of us, and go to the cross sinless in order to pay the sin debt – to die in our place so that we can have eternal life with Him. While on this Earth, Jesus suffered every temptation that is know to man and He overcame by the power of God. (Hebrews 4:15) He left the perfection of Heaven and His divinity behind for you, for me, and walked this Valley of the Shadow of Death for 32 years. All for the purpose of giving us an example of a God filled life and to set us free. If He had fallen prey to the smallest of temptations, all would have been lost. Praise God that Jesus was victorious.

In Luke 22:42 Jesus is praying and asking God to take the cup (Cross of Calvary) from Him if God willed it, but He still prayed that God’s will be done. In verse 44 Jesus prays more fervently, and the Bible tells us “His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.” Jesus was in tremendous anguish over what He had to suffer – on top of what He had already suffered. Jesus did not live a privileged life of ease. He was rejected, misunderstood, reviled, falsely accused, spat upon, and so many other undeserved acts of violence. The Creator and Savior of our world was hated and mistreated by so many of His children, but had to selflessly bear the overwhelming pain it brought Him.

Jesus has had many followers that have suffered hard lives with a willing and obedient spirit, often met violence, and some even faced martyrdom for God. And this will continue to the end of time. But no one has suffered like Jesus. He was falsely accused, tortured, blasphemed, and sentence to a death He did not earn. Jesus went to that awful death with a spirit of acceptance, when He could have called on the angels of Heaven to take Him out of this world. He loves us so much that, in spite of the anguish to His soul, to went willingly for our sake.

It was Love not the nails that kept Jesus on the Cross

While on the cross, the sins of the world bore down heavily on Jesus – sins of lust, greed, self-worship, self-indulgence, hate… the list goes on and on. The weight of sin, from Eve to the end of time, overwhelmingly bore down on our Lord and Savior – crushing His tender, sinless heart with its relentless atrocities. Jesus persevered through this tremendous, crushing burden for our sake, for His great unconditional love for us. Had He not, all would be lost for us and there would be no hope. There has not been and never will be a greater sacrifice, a greater challenge, or a more painful death than what our Savior bore on our behalf – for the wages of sin is death. (the 2nd eternal death) (Romans 6:23)

I say Jesus died the 2nd death or eternal death because that is the death that pays the debt of sin. “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, … they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8) God’s followers may suffer the 1st death which is not eternal, but those that suffer the 2nd death will be gone forever. While on this Earth, Jesus referred to the 1st death as a sleep – not permanent, as told in the story of Lazarus. (John 11:11-14) Those that hear the Holy Spirit but refuse to listen, to repent, and turn their hearts to God will suffer the 2nd death. What is totally amazing is that our Lord and Savior’s sacrifice was so pure and perfect that He was resurrected after suffering the 2nd death. Because of Him, we do not need to face this termination, but can rejoice in Jesus!

I did a little math and…. If a single person sinned once per day, everyday (an extremely conservative amount) and lived to the age of 50, (a moderately average age over time) they would have sinned 1,900,000,000 times in their lifetime. If you count the number of generations since Adam and Eve, there have been approximately 86 generations. If we total up the sins of one person per generation, we end up with 163,400,000,000 sins. Now we know this is literally a drop in the bucket for the number of sins committed. I think the angels in Heaven would throw a party if we could restrict our sinning to once per day. My calculations are for the purpose of providing a visual and not in any way representative of the actual number of sins committed since Eve.

The point I am trying to make is this: if each sin were a pound, the sins from just one person per generation would literally crush to strongest person, a truck, a house. If we look at our world population right now, it is 7,800,000,000. Just this moment in time would put a minimum of 148.200,000,000 sins on Jesus’ sinless soul. He was crushed with such a tremendous amount of sins that He was engulfed in the darkest darkness ever known to humankind. It was so dark that He could no longer feel God and cried out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) Losing the close connection with God His Father was His greater anguish on top of the crushing weight of sin.

Just writing this blog mixes deep sadness with my greatfulness over the plan of salvation. Jesus paid a price beyond our comprehension, a price that momentarily separated Him from God, and I believe He would do it all again just to give us an opportunity to choose forever with Him.

For this gift, Jesus will be forever altered. He will maintain his human form and carry the scars of Calvary forever more. All we will have to do is look at the scars and our hearts will swell with thanksgiving and a fervent decision to never sin again. Let that desire kindle in our hearts and minds now and forever. Amen!

I wish I had the worshipful words to help you completely understand how this topic fills my heart with yearning and keeps me committed to a complete surrender to the saving power of Jesus. Please share your thoughts, bless us with your God given expressions of the gift of salvation. Inspiration comes in many forms and we are so blessed to hear the life saving words of others that experience Jesus’ gifts.

Until next blog, May God fill your heart and mind with true understanding. John 16:13

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    1. Thank you, I am happy that my words touched you. I give all praise and glory to our Lord Jesus and His Spirit for touching my heart with the words to write. May the expression of His great love grow in each of us daily, Amen!
      Visit again,


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