11/03/2020 – Who Will Win 2020? Does it Matter?

OOPS! So sorry about the post that went out this morning. I thought I had changed the date, but obviously I didn’t. I was compelled by the Holy Spirit, yesterday, that I needed to do a blog about Jesus opinion of the election. So, please overlook my blunder and look forward to that blog on 11/07.

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Dr. Dwight Nelson from New Perspective TV. I am sure you have your favorites as well. There are those who’s personalities click, resonate with us and we can glean wonderful Biblical truths from them. I subscribe to Dr. Nelson’s blog as well. The title of a recent blog was, “Relax – It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins.” Wow! What! It threw me for a loop I must say. However, it did get me thinking, reassessing my priorities, reallocating my time – it impacted my prayer life. I didn’t read the blog for 3-4 days but I am glad I did.

Let’s pray! 🙏🏼 Heavenly Father, I praise Your holy name that You forgive us of our sins and put within our hearts the desire to forgive others, for there would be no eternal life without this gift bought by the blood of Jesus. Father, today will be a monumental day in the life of all humankind. World wide, many are tremendously stressed and fearful of the American election outcomes today. We believe You are in control and the ultimate outcome will be Your’s, yet we have concerns about today. Calm our hearts, give us peace, direct us through Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for hearing our prayer and keeping our minds focused on You, in Jesus name, Amen!

Malachi said to Ester, “And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?” Easter 4:14. Do we recognize when God sets people in our path for our own salvation sake, for the edifying of our souls, for the purpose of bringing us in to line with God’s will? Now that I have reconciled and refreshed my mind through the Holy Spirit, I can see Dr. Nelson’s blog title in a very different light. If we believe in God with our whole heart and mind, we can accept today’s outcome. We are assured that God knows the business of saving souls and He holds a monopoly on the best way to get it done.

in his blog, Dr. Nelson quoted Proverbs 21:1 “ In the Lord’s hand the king’s (leader’s) heart is a stream of water that He channels toward all who please him.” Nelson goes on to say, “In our Lord Jesus’ nail-scarred hand lies the heart of any ruler (just or unjust, benevolent or malevolent). And holding tightly to that leader’s heart, God can turn that mind any direction He wishes.” We have examples in the New Testament, how God held back the evil nature of the rulers, in order to save the life of His people – Peter and Paul are good examples of how God intervened in their behalf. I want to be clear, God does not change the heart condition of a person without their choice in the matter – God does not change them from evil to righteous. Rather, God postpones their heart’s desire for a time, allows events and people to intercede, puts them off their game for the sake of His people and His outcome. Knowing God has this power at His disposal, we need not fear.

Years ago, I read a statement in the book “ Early Writings” by Ellen G White and I believe it supports the scripture, Proverbs 21:1. White stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “All publicity, including bad publicity, works toward the good of God’s people and His plans.” God is able to take outcomes that we perceive as bad and work them, mold them, shape them to serve His purpose. Amen!

Now we can speculate what the different election outcomes might look like, what they might mean for our future, but we would just be speculating. Instead we can look to God, the Finisher of our work, and put our faith in His knowing. My mantra for today will be Psalms 86:4 “Bring joy to your servant Lord, for I put my trust in You.”

God tells us in Ephesians 5:11 to expose the darkness. He tells us to have no part of the evil darkness, but expose it to the world through His Light. We can fulfill this commission by sharing our personal experience of abiding in Jesus – by telling others about His influence, answered prayers, and the miraculous healing He has done in us. When we do this, we will reach those lost in darkness and bring them To the Light. We don’t have to be Bible scholars, have a divinity degree, or a high IQ. We just have to faithfully believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ – it is His message we share, His love we demonstrate, His Spirit that brings scripture to our minds as needed. Without Jesus, we are lost, held in the bondage of darkness, slaves to Satan’s evil purposes. Instead, Jesus “Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24. What a glorious message to give to the world – infinitely better than anything this world has to offer.

So, my prayer for you and yours, is to be of good cheer. Count yourselves blessed to be among God’s chosen, to be able to share Jesus with other, to be called to increase His family through the sowing of seeds of truth. Count yourselves privileged to Be callEd to such a work – God does not need us, He wants us to take part in His great plan. Because of Jesus, it really doesn’t matter who wins the election. It does matter that we are ready – waiting and watching – for Jesus when He comes. Amen!

Until next blog, may our God save us to that glorious day! John 3:17

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