06/21/21 – Barabbas? Jesus? I Want Jesus!

Scripture Reading – Matthew 27:15-26, Mark 15:6-15, Luke 23:14-25, John 18:38-19:16

Hi fellow followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus! I am so glad to be back with you in fellowship. Since December, starting with the death of my step-father, my family and I have faced one mountain after another. With thankful hearts, we celebrate Jesus’ victory in every crisis – every battle. Life has calmed down and I am slowly recovering from a ruptured disc. Please pray for my family and me as I pray for all of you. God’s grace and glory shines through all the darkness we will face in the world and He is ever ready to carry us through our darkest hours. Amen!

Today, we will ponder the final hours of Jesus’ time on the earth as He is taken before Pilate. Let’s pray before we get started. 🙏🏼

Gracious and loving Father God, You have granted us the privilege of coming before You in worship and praise, in submission and reconciliation, in a deep desire to know and serve You better. Father, please cleanse us of all unrighteousness and through Your Spirit, put us in the right frame of mind to listen to the message You have for us concerning the topic I wish to share. May my words and our understanding of you precious Word glorify You. In Jesus everlasting name, Amen!

Let me set the stage for Jesus’ second time before Pilate. As we read the Gospels, we see the Jesus’ last night in Gethsemane, He earnestly prayed, if possible (Matthew 26:42,) let this cup pass from Me. So great was His agony that the Gospels tell us He sweat drops of blood. (Luke 22:44). In the early morning hours, His betrayer came – Judas came to kiss Jesus, indicating that He was indeed the Savior of the world, the one they called Jesus. (Mark 14:43)

With much abuse, ridicule and false accusations, they taunted and questioned Jesus, they took Him before Pilate the first time, Pilate sent Jesus to Herod – wanting no part of the insurrection again Jesus, Herod sent Jesus and angry mob back to Pilate. (John 18:28-29 & Luke 23:5-7). All of this painful abuse, our Lord and Savior took with patience and long suffering. And this is the point at which I want to delve deeper.

Jesus now finds Himself back before Pilate – weak, exhausted, and grievously treated. The angry mob, guided by the Jewish leaders and satanic agents, were found behind Jesus once again – shouting, cursing and jeering Jesus, calling for His death. Satan was only to happy to excite and rouse the crowds against Jesus – his true Adversary. Yet, Jesus, praise His holy name, stood firm, in humility and love, for humankind. The Scriptures tell us not even a negative look crossed over His countenance, rather He remained peaceful and submissive to the great plan of salvation. It was His faith and allegiance to God, His sinless life of obedience, His great love for His creation that kept Him faithful and true to His last breath. There will never be sufficient words to convey my thankfulness that Jesus stayed His path. Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen!

Pilate had hoped that the decision concerning Jesus would be taken out of his hands and once again – in fear of losing his high position in the Roman government – he sought to appease the evil mob, priests, and rulers by flogging Jesus and then releasing Him. (Luke 23:13-18). The crowd, incited by Satan and his evil angels, refused. They cried out for the release of Barabbas and the death of Jesus. Each time Pilate tried to placate the angry crowd, their response was the same – release Barabbas, crucify Jesus. Crucify Him, Crucify Him! The shouts rang though the temple courtyard.

Pilate had his guards take Jesus to be flogged. They striped Jesus of His garments and flogged Him, causing agonizing welts and deep cuts all across Jesus’ back. The guards put a purple garment on Jesus, crowned His head with a wreath of thorns, and hailing Him the king of the Jews while slapping Jesus in the face and smacking the crown of horns on His head in order to drive the thorns into Jesus’ scull. After this Pilate brought the robed and crowned Jesus before the angry crowd, hoping they would be satisfied. Yet, history tells us they would not relent, Satan would not relent in his desire to destroy Jesus. Their response – Crucify! Crucify! (John 19:1-6)

At this juncture in the narrative, a very crucial, life changing shift takes place. I firmly believe understanding this dynamic is critical to our own salvation. In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus describes the destruction of Jerusalem as it correlates with end time prophesy. The Jewish leaders of Jesus time sealed the fate of those people denying Him, at this crucial point in history. In John 19:14-15 is described that vital moment – prayerfully consider what transpired. I have bolded key word that changed lives forever. “It was the day of Preparation of the Passover; it was about noon. Here is your king, Pilate said to the Jews. But they shouted, Take Him away, take Him away! Shall I crucify your king? Pilate asked. We have no king but Caesar, the chief priests answered.” They had no king but Caesar they cried. How those words must have stabbed deep into the heart of God, how they must have broken Jesus heart, how the angels must have wept over the loss of so many souls.

Before the people, were put Jesus, the Heaven sent representation of eternal life, and Barabbas, the self proclaimed messiah that represented Satan in a life of robbery and murder. Good versus Evil and the masses chose, will choose, Evil. It is crucial that we pray and ponder the events of Jesus’ trail and conviction, that we consider the persecution of the disciples and followers down through the ages. We must analyze the similarities facing us in the closing times of Satan’s reign of terror with the trial of Jesus. We literally have two choices and only two choice. Is Jesus our King or is this world run by Satan.

You see, the rulers of the Jews, many of the people, the Roman guards, Pilate and Herod knew who Jesus was – the Son of the Most High. Yet, in the end, they gave themselves over to their wealth, their power, their positions, and the fear of losing them. They forsook Jesus for the fleeting treasures of this world – they forsook so much. Father God, intervene and keep us from this path to destruction, rather deliver us unto eternal life, in the sweet name of Jesus, Amen!

By the will of God, I plan to be back with you every 4 to 5 days with Bible study that profoundly impacts my walk with Jesus. I pray that my thoughts, as they are directed by the Holy Spirit, bring you hope and peace. If so, please share my posts with other. I would love to hear from you, receive topics of interest, needs for prayer, and enrichment in our fellowship one with another. Drop me an email from time to time, using the comment box below.

Until we are back together, God bless and keep you on the path of eternal life! Proverbs 12:28

Photo from Rumble

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