8/22/21 – God’s Armor, A Template For Victory!


Fight the good fight.” 1Timothy 6:15, “Be a soldier of Christ.” 2 Timothy 2:4, “Put on the full armor.” Ephesians 6:11

Who hath saved us, and called [us] with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,” 2 Timothy 1:9

Hi everyone! It’s great to be sharing with you again. I pray my blog finds you safe and well in Christ. We know, through what we hear and witness, and Scripture, that the months ahead are going to be increasingly difficult, and perilous to navigate. In fact, I believe that our world will be in an upheaval up to the time of Christ’s return. As events worsen and chaos grows, we will realize a greater need to answer God’s call to be soldiers of the Cross, warriors to the end. There in lies our safety and assurance.

There is one field of battle I believe we are all called to and that is prayer. As warriors, we are called to “specialize” in areas that match our spiritual gifts, but prayer is a “universal” gift given to everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus and is saved. I shared last blog that this would be my topic of discussion for this blog. However, I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to spend more time on the tremendous gift and purpose of God’s armor. So…. my next blog will be about God’s prayer warriors.

Let’s pray! Heavenly Father, great are Your ways, mighty are Your works, perfect is Your gift of salvation. We bow down before You, seeking forgiveness for our sins and asking for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Your full armor, and Christ dwelling in us as we take part in the completion of the Gospel Commission in these last days. May we bring many souls to the foot of the Cross, may we engage in life changing prayer, and may we open ourselves to the complete power of Your will. May Your will be done in us as it is in Heaven, in Jesus precious name, Amen!

How can I move forward doing God’s will, what am I called to do? When I was teaching special education, I used what is called a “scope and sequence” of instruction, electricians use a schematic, builders use a blueprint, cooks use a recipe, tailors use a pattern, and – for me – God uses His armor as His Gospel Template. This analogy has clarified how I am to move forward sharing Christ and Him risen. As I move forward into battle, God’s armor keeps me focused on Him, blocks the attacks from the enemy, and fills my life with the awe and wonder of God. After delving into a deeper study of God’s armor, I have a better understanding of its purpose. Putting on God’s armor means being filled with the Holy Spirit so that I can be a vessel for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – being poured out in battle to win souls. It means my part is to surrender to this process over and over again, day by day, week by week until the end shall come. Understanding the purpose of the armor has taken the guess work and complications out of sharing Christ.

So, does this mean that the battles will all be cookie cutter events where everything happens in a set pattern of steps? Absolutely not! Our part in each battle is the same – surrender to the filling of the Holy Spirit and pouring out the Spirit to others is the repetitive action. But just as no two people are the same, everyone’s path to Jesus is different, the detailed events of each battle will be different. Some battles will just involve an act of kindness, some a request to pray for a person we meet, some receiving a piece of literature, some a walk to the foot of the Cross, some a request to know more about Jesus. All of the detailed events are orchestrated by the Holy Spirit and He will give us the actions to take and the words to say. Blessed be the Lord!

I am sure all of us already find ourselves surrendering to the Holy Spirit when we give a smile and a word of encouragement to a store clerk, when we stop and help a person struggling with a heavy burden – there are so many ways in which we reach out for Christ. So many times when we listen to the Holy Spirit as He brings the needs of other to our attention. So essentially, God is calling us to take what we already do and what we already know and make it a moment by moment life pattern. He is calling us to make the choice to devote our life to this purpose – to become life long warriors for Christ. To humbly wear our battle fatigues with pride and purpose because we serve a crucified, victorious, risen Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

God has chosen us for just a time as this to save His people. (Ester 4:14) March on soldiers of the Cross, don’t stop to stone the devils dogs, but march on, march on. (Carlyle B Hayes)


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