08/29/21 – Pray Warriors! In All Things, At All Times!


1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing. The means of promoting religious joy is prayer. This prayer is to be “without ceasing,” 

Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”

 Matthew 15:21-28, Romans 12:12, Colossians 4:2, James 5:16, 1 Chronicles 16:11 and so many more!

Hi fellow warriors! What a time to be alive, to be witnesses, to be warriors for God. What swells in my heart and mind, as I ponder our stage in history, is that I can’t help but connect with what the disciples felt in their significant point in history. They experience the early rain, stayed in the race, crossed the finish line and now we are called to latter rain battle as we race to the victory of the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Wow! To be able to witness the culmination of the Great Cosmic battle, while fighting beside our Savior, is awe inspiriting, intimidating, eye opening, and real. Today I want to go into greater detail concerning the area of prayer – being a prayer warrior for God.

In his book Prayer Warriors, Ron Halverson stated; “Prayer warriors on the battlefields – in the earth, the heart, the mind, everyday life, the church – this is God’s key to victory. Whenever Satan attacks there God’s battlefield sensitive warriors, clad in God’s own armor, stand up and do prayer battle. When they do, victories follow.”

Let’s pray! Father God, in humility we come before You, we come in the name of Jesus, asking that You forgive our sins and that You keep us steadfast upon the path to salvation. God, Your Word calls us to pray about all matter, to pray without ceasing, and the crucial need for prayer when face to face with Satan. By Your might and power, please keep up fit armor clad warriors. Give us Your Spirit that we may clearly see and understand the path You have set before us. In Jesus Christ our Lord we pray, Amen!

As we look at Scripture, we begin to understand the tremendous importance of warfare prayer. It is that golden thread of communication between us and God – the golden path of asking and receiving, giving and sharing, the universal connectiveness that will lead to victory. Spiritual warfare, warfare prayer, and the prayer warrior are vitally important to ourselves, our families, our church, and our world. The impact is cataclysmic, the impact is eternal. Today, every day, moment by moment, we decide if we will be doers of the word, if we will continually choose to walk with Jesus, if we will be prayer warriors for Him.

Several years ago, when my daughters and I lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, my two youngest daughters and I were part of a prayer warrior group. There were 6 us of that came together once a week and stayed in contact daily. We prayed in unison on all things, big and small, global and personal. I miss our prayer group and what we experienced together – I count it as one of the greatest highlights of my journey with Jesus. From my experience I can say emphatically that warfare prayer does work. Our small group were eye witnesses to many miracles.

In the early 90’s Rock Hall, Maryland was flooding, many homes were in the path of the flood and the tide was not supposed to recede for several more hours. The Chesapeake Bay was 1 inch from entering the home of one of our warrior’s. The connections were made and we all started our warfare prayers. The results were miraculous – within a short time of praying in unity, the tide started receding 4 hours ahead of its normal time. The miracle was shared by all residences of that small community and was written up in the local newspaper. Amen!

A very close cousin by marriage had been through so much in her life that she was often a prayer topic for us. At this particular time, her husband had accidently shot himself through the head while putting his handgun in his glovebox and my cousin and their daughter were in a terrible place with grief. On a day when we were meeting as a group, I got a very strong impression to pray for them and we did. When I got home that night, I got a call from my cousin. Her 90 pound daughter had overdosed on a full subscription of heart medication washed down with a fifth of whiskey. Her daughter regretted her choice and call the paramedics who told my cousin that her daughter was still conscience when they arrived. They said her last words before she slipped into a coma was, “Jesus, forgive me.” The ER doctors told my cousin that her daughter had taken enough medication to kill two 200 pound men and she had a slim chance of surviving the night and if she did she would be a vegetable. The next morning, at 9:00 am, this young girl woke up in full health with no side affects from her horrific choice. The power of prayer, Amen!

There are so many but I will only share one more. My friend and partner in prayer was at my house and before we got started praying, she told me she was pregnant. We talk about it for a while and then she, my daughters, and I started praying. While kneeling in prayer, my friend screamed out in pain and collapsed to the floor. Immediately, my daughters and I started praying for healing and my oldest daughter called 911. Twenty minutes later, as the ER doctor performed emergency surgery, he discovered that her fallopian tube had ruptured. The doctor told her next of kin that she should have bled out in 4 minutes but the site looked like it had been cauterized. He thought it was a miracle that she was alive. And, yes, it was a miracle, Amen!

God does promise that the latter rain will be greater than the former rain of Pentecost. That direct answers to prayer will be given, miracles wrought, and so much more. So, besides the armor of God, what other tools do we have, what should we ask of God? I would like to suggest that we prayerfully consider asking for the following:

  1. Blood of the Lamb – study and accept the blood and power of the Lamb.
  2. The Name of Jesus – call upon His manifestation in your life continually.
  3. God’s armor – study the armor and don’t do anything without it.
  4. Faith – ask for it, step out, trusting in your Lord and Savior prior to seeing results.
  5. The word of our testimony – make sure it speaks to the Word of God.
  6. Praise and Thanksgiving – study repentance and forgiveness, put them into practice.
  7. Know the types of prayer – intercessory, petition, praise, thanksgiving. Use them all.

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,” (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Study each of the seven tools. Search out other life and power giving source. Know the scriptures – their place in history – pertaining to each tool. Then just as the Master Carpenter, put the tools into constant use, absorbing them into your continual practice and your soul. As your let the Spirit build and refine these skills in you and you let Jesus manifest Himself in you, call up on God with confidence and boldness. Pray without ceasing, pray in the face of doubt, pray in the face of discouragement, pray in the face of ridicule. Pray, pray, pray, Amen!

Prayer is the key that opens the doors of communication with the our Lord and King, opens us to spectacular, forever experiences that far outweighs the pain and suffering brought on us by the overwhelming flood of sin. Prayer is our golden ticket to understanding God’s Word, to reaching other for Jesus, to our freedom, to life everlasting.

Until next time, may you hear the words “well done good and faithful servant” Matthew 25:23

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