11/15/2020 – First Beast & Second Beast Powers – Friend or Foe!

Helllo everyone! Here in Minnesota, it looks like winter is upon us. Hopefully, many of you still have fall like weather and you are enjoying it. Winters are cold here but we still have mostly sunny days. So on this sunny day I would like to cover what scripture has to say about the firstContinue reading “11/15/2020 – First Beast & Second Beast Powers – Friend or Foe!”

11/07/2020 – What’s Really Going On? Is Election Fraud Our Biggest Concern?

As I have mentioned the last couple blogs, I am working toward having all my blogs on audio podcasts. It isn’t going as fast as I would like, so please be patient with me – I know I will get there soon. Thanks! Hi family in Christ Jesus! What a wild week we have justContinue reading “11/07/2020 – What’s Really Going On? Is Election Fraud Our Biggest Concern?”

11/03/2020 – Who Will Win 2020? Does it Matter?

OOPS! So sorry about the post that went out this morning. I thought I had changed the date, but obviously I didn’t. I was compelled by the Holy Spirit, yesterday, that I needed to do a blog about Jesus opinion of the election. So, please overlook my blunder and look forward to that blog onContinue reading “11/03/2020 – Who Will Win 2020? Does it Matter?”

10/27/2020 – Heaven on Earth! New Jerusalem Descends!

Coming Soon – I am recording my blogs in podcast format and will be attaching them to my blogs so that you have a choice whether you wish to read it or listen. I plan to start attaching podcasts to current blog in early November and will go back and slowly catch up from theContinue reading “10/27/2020 – Heaven on Earth! New Jerusalem Descends!”

10/23/2020 – Exiles Homeward Bound! 1000 Years of Understanding

Coming Soon – I will begin attaching podcasts to my blogs so that you can choose which format you wish to use. Welcome back friends and family! Time seems to be flying by this year. There is so much – good and bad – happening that our minds are most often on overdrive. So muchContinue reading “10/23/2020 – Exiles Homeward Bound! 1000 Years of Understanding”

10/19/2020 – The Sealed! Living for Heaven Through Jesus

Hi Soldiers of the Cross. I have made the BIG leap into creating podcasts to compliment my blogs. I have started with my first blog and I will post it soon. Once I have done a couple more to get more comfortable with the process, I will begin doing the current blogs as I slowlyContinue reading “10/19/2020 – The Sealed! Living for Heaven Through Jesus”

10/15/2020 – The Marked – Where Did They Go? Where is Satan?

Hi brothers and sisters in Christ! As we fellowship together in this blog, I must say, I find myself richly blessed every time, as I compare God’s Bible prophecy and world events. As I pray for the influence and will of God’s Spirit, I am amazed each time that the words flow out of me.Continue reading “10/15/2020 – The Marked – Where Did They Go? Where is Satan?”

10/10/2020 – Destruction Poured Out! Armageddon Round 1

It’s good to be back blogging again. I had to take a couple days off because I was sick with a bad head cold. I have a compromised autoimmune system so colds hit me pretty hard. But I am much better now and ready to get this one done. For those of you just joiningContinue reading “10/10/2020 – Destruction Poured Out! Armageddon Round 1”